About this site

Welcome to the fansite I’m a Rupert Friend Fan. 

You can find here everything about Rupert’s work. interviews, videos, articles, screencaps, and all about his proffesional and personal projects (in the public domain). This is a fansite, 100% unofficial.

The blog was created on Dec, 2015, and we try to update it with all the news, interviews, photos and info related to Rupert from the past and the present. I want to let you know that English is not my native language, so, please, a little patience with me.

Our main rule: Respect. Everything shown on this page is public domain and copyright to the original source, I have no copyright over anything posted here. The sources will always be mentioned, and of course, personal stuff (like paparazzi photos) will not be published on this site.

Our main objective: Have fun, and enjoy all the things about this great and talented actor/writer/director. I chose to create this site after checking that there was nothing similar out there, at least nothing currently running. And I felt like someone like Rupert deserved a place where celebrate and enjoy all his work. This is a modest site and he probably deserves something much better but I still hope to meet a lot of people here with whom to share our passion for Rupert Friend.

Thank you so much, and welcome.

RFF Staff

Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Vimeo – Tumblr (Multifandom)

Contact with RFF Staff via email: fangirldiaryad@gmail.com



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