Road Trip Through Southern Spain… with Rupert Friend

Strangely, this article from one of the most beautiful sides of my country came up in my email (thanks Frangi!) on one of the saddest days for my home, Spain. First of all, I want to show all my support for the victims of today’s attack in Barcelona, and for all the victims of the cruelness, terror and intolerance around the world.

This has to stop.


Well, I’m sure you remember that Rupert visited Spain last May. From the photos of some fans, we knew he was in the south of the country. Now an article emerges in which we know some details of his trip, in particular, an exciting culinary adventure accompanied by the Spanish cook of world renowned José Andrés.

Click here to read the full article from Food and Wine.

So, I’m sure that after reading the article you are wishing to travel to Spain … and Rupert hoping to return … 😉

The idea started simply: José and a couple of pals on a trip showing off the best of Andalusia’s less well-known corners. But José can’t be limited to three amigos, or five, or fifty. Everywhere he turns he finds friends, lifelong or just made, people who want to be swept up in his slipstream, and he wants them, too, whether they make blockbuster movies about world-destroying superweapons or flamenco music outside the village watering hole. And so it is we find ourselves elbow to elbow in a tiny kitchen with actors and chefs and writers, making egg after magical egg disappear. […] Rupert devours everything José puts in front of him and muses about his post-Homeland future. (Next up, he’ll appear in the movie The Death of Stalin.)

We know that Rupert loves to cook, and these days he has been sharing in Instagram some pics of his latest recipes, don’t miss them, look delicious!!


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