Picspam Party!

Since Homeland ended, being a Rupert fan is being a bit tough. No news, sadness due to the end of Quinn and lack of information … So the best thing we can do here is to prowl around social media and the internet in general in search of new incentives 🙂 … Most of you know that Rupert is spending a holiday in Europe, it seems that he visited France a few days ago and then Spain … Fortunately, some fans have shared the image of their encounters with him.

We have already posted these photos in our Facebook page and Twitter, so, follow us in our social media accounts to not miss anything! More new photos coming soon!

And back to the past, very in line with today, #ThrowbackThursday, more incentives. nelsoncragg on Instagram has a treasure chest full of photos in which Rupert appears. Posting here the photos with the comments since they are so cool, but you can check the original photos in our gallery. The photos were taken between July 2012 and November 2012.

Enough for the moment to satisfy your fangirl thirst? 😉


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