Peter Quinn. In memoriam

It’s been over a week now. I’m still not in the mood to do this, but on the other hand, life goes on, and the blog too … So, as I did with the previous four seasons, I’m going to make a brief summary of this last season, Quinn’s last breath.

Homeland tends to surprise us, sometimes it does in a positive way, and sometimes the opposite happens. After the end of season 5 there was a rather uncomfortable mutism about the future of Rupert and his character in the show, but with the premiere of Season 6 (and some previous spoilers), all doubts were dispelled. Quinn was alive, broken, but alive. And Rupert willing to make this HIS season. That was the first thing I got clear after seeing the episode 6.01. Rupert was going to break all the barriers, the new Quinn 2.0 was going to be very different from what we knew until now. I didn’t think it was possible, but we were still going to love and appreciate him more … wishing that, finally, he would find the light he could not see amid so much darkness.

But he (or well huh, the show) had other pretensions …

Let him go… I’m still trying to do it… That was his constant throughout the season. There were too many things that wouldn’t let him move on.


Ghosts …


Too much for a soul tired of bearing the burden of the past.

And that way, at Quinn’s worst, we saw the best of Rupert. We saw sadness in him, we saw fear, fragility, anxiety, depression … but we also saw firmness in him, decision, revenge… we saw him Quinning until the end, in spite of everything.

We even witnessed something that, never, never ever, I would have been able to imagine …

How do you survive that without being traumatized? How to move on? Quinn was a broken toy even long before we could imagine. How to recover from something like this? Damn, how to leave behind everything he had to go through?… “This death, this end of me, is exactly what should have happened. I wanted the darkness. I fucking asked for it. It has me now.” These words from Quinn’s letter took on a whole new meaning for me after this season … Like if everything he did in his life, he did it looking for this end. Until the end…

And he saw his end here.

To me, it’s more of a relief for him. That sounds like some weird actor talk, but it’s sort of like somebody just when you think they couldn’t suffer anymore, they suffer some more. That’s hard to stomach a while. There’s a sense of peace.

Rupert for EW

Obviously Quinn was not happy. Knowing what we know now, I’m not sure if he ever was, maybe he had some moments when he could feel what happiness was… “a false glimmer”.  But since the incident in Berlin, every possibility of happiness had vanished. He lost trust in everything and everyone. He felt the guilt about Astrid’s death, the anger at the truth Carrie was hiding, the frustration at the person he had become. Curious that the Quinn who showed more feelings than ever, was the Quinn who felt emptier.
Hard to say, hard to see. But I loved this Quinn more than anything. That’s why, when I see the way he ended, I can feel nothing but frustration. Not because he died, which is immensely sad, but just as Rupert himself said, it could have been a relief to him. I’m frustrated by the way they snatched Quinn from us. It bothers me the way he gave his life, the way Carrie reacted, the lack of feelings. The cold and impersonal way in which the show dismissed a fundamental character. A time jump. Was that what Quinn deserved? A simple mention of a memorial we could not see … Was that enough? … Not for me. So, in the end, everything became nothing … All that could be… Nothing… All those Great expetations

“The agony is exquisite, is it not? A broken heart. You think you will die. But you just keep living. Day after day, after terrible day.”

But not Quinn.

For the memory, Rupert’s performance, incomparable in every episode. Outstanding, REAL. Everything else, in the end, didn’t matter.

Rupert appeared in all episodes of Homeland’s season 6. The screencaps of this season are available via this link.

I was thinking of doing some polls, some fun things to spend the summer and until Quinn and show’s return… now I just think it’s better to turn the page, leave Homeland in the past and think about Rupert’s new projects, because, at least for now, It’s too painful… But if you have any suggestions and want something more published about Quinn, let me know and I’ll see what I can do…

And well, maybe they didn’t show the funeral because, until the end, Quinn fucked them all… 😉

For always now.


13 thoughts on “Peter Quinn. In memoriam

  1. With the awful back story that gave him it was a complete cop out just to kill him off so savagely, rather than give people with similar issues some hope, there is so much more they could have done

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  2. Hated this for Quinn. Wish Carrie had been killed off instead of Quinn. Never said she loved him. That is all he ever wanted. How many times he had her back!!! His sweet face. I hate the way things worked out for Quinn. Done with Homeland. 😥

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  3. I agree that Quinn’s death was given no, I mean no recognition. Carry? Was there a tear? The show became really interesting the first time Quinn appeared. Now suddenly it seems to have morphed into some thing else. Madam President has become Stalin. I don’t understand. Well We will miss Quinn, but I have the first movie I saw you in, Mrs. Palfrey at the Clairmont. I knew then …you are good.

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    • I don’t really understand the way the show has chosen by killing Quinn, showing us an insensitive Carrie and everything else. Hope they know what are doing, although i’m not going to be there to discover it. As you said, we still have Rupert and all his job to enjoy him 😋


  4. Rupert Friend is one of the finest actors I have enjoyed watching perform in years! If his portrayal of Homelands Peter Quinn doesn’t win Rupert an Emmy, I honestly don’t know what qualifies! His acting ability is superior, on screen or stage, he’s also multi-gifted musicially.
    Rupert continues to mature as a multi-talented artist.
    In my opinion, Quinn’s demise was pre-mature. The depth of this particular character is multi-layered and Homeland only scratched the surface!
    I truly hope the producers re-think Quinn’s untimely demise and he re-enters into season 7 & 8.
    p.s. here’s a thought,…Quinn was wearing a bullet proof vest and didn’t suffer any gunshot wounds to the head, therefore, he survives to carry on as only Quinn can!!

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