You are finally free, Peter Quinn

I’m having a deja-vu right now. It’s like going back to the end of Season 5, but even worse, because I know this is the real end. All the feelings, the sadness and the impotence are back. Yes, it’s just a TV character, and no, I’m not crazy. Rupert, I feel that way because of you. But unlike Quinn, you can bear this guilt with pride. Because with your performance, you touched my soul, you made me feel, you made me love Peter Quinn like I’ve never loved a TV character. A broken toy, a tormented man, chased by his past, frightened by his future. Peter Quinn. Incomparable, unforgettable. Just thank you for giving us that.

Many people told me during this week about the possibility that Peter Quinn was going to die. That wasn’t possible, I didn’t want to believe it. After the end of the season 5, after what he had gone through, I wanted to think that there was a better end for him. Because no death is worth it, not even in television. Because he didn’t deserve it. But it happened, I’m not good with predictions, that’s a fact. But it was too much to bear even for a man like Peter Quinn. So he’s finally free, away from the darkness.
The question is that, despite i’m shocked, I’m still happy because Rupert had this last chance, a season that I’ll never forget, with a masterful performance, acclaimed by the audience and critics, proving that interpretation is in his DNA, it’s natural for him, he made Peter Quinn the beloved character he is. I’ll be eternally grateful for that last chance. It was an outstanding season. And it was for you, Rupert.
Now, Peter Quinn must continue on his way wherever he goes. And Rupert too. Best wishes to you Rupert from now on. Directing, interpreting, CREATING. Big things are coming. Because you were born for it. You deserve it.

I’m not going to say anything about the finale. Nothing, I can’t. I was barely able to do the screencaps, I can’t make a single gif from this epi, and I’m not able to give my opinion about the way Quinn died, the fact that he died for nothing after all he suffered… Or why he didn’t even deserve a few minutes of the episode for a funeral. Just a jump time. No, I can’t say anything about it.

So I just want to remember a paragraph from Quinn’s sadly unforgettable letter. An end, his end. Thanks again for everything.

Homeland 6.12 “America First”
Original air date: April, 9th 2017. Showtime TV
Promo trailer clicking here
Sneak peek with Quinn clicking here
Rupert’s screencaps from this episode clicking here

Showtime shared this video…. No words needed


2 thoughts on “You are finally free, Peter Quinn

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with your reflection. This is too painful for me to process right now too. Thanks for your wonderful site, I’m just sorry I’ve only just discovered it. I look forward to celebrating the amazing Rupert’s future career with you, but the huge hole in my life that just opened up is something I don’t really know what to do with. I am gutted. Haven’t even seen the finale here yet (in the UK) and really don’t think I can bear to watch it.
    One thing: can we do something to keep Quinn alive in our hearts?
    The poll for Quinn’s best moments/quotes, for instance, perhaps we could run this on Facebook?
    And how about a collective viewing of an episode together with shared comments ‘live’?
    I need some comfort!

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    • Thank you Carole, you are welcome to this blog and don’t worry, never is too late to celebrate Rupert’s work in Homeland and of course, all his other works.
      I feel your pain, I have the same hole in my fangirl heart, although I try to be positive thinking that Rupert’s career will continue with him doing great things.
      Your ideas are great, I just need some days to process what happened with Quinn, Is too early and the “wound” is still open for many fans, including myself. But I’ll try to do something special in a few weeks or a month…
      Meanwhile, we will continue enjoying Rupert here on the blog and on Facebook, so don’t stop visiting us! 😘


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