What do you expect from today’s Homeland season 6 finale?

Today is the big day, the day you don’t want it to come, but at the same time, the day you are waiting desperately. So… what do you expect??

Some clue from Rupert …

I’ve heard many people talking about Quinn or some other main character dying, Quinn and Carrie ending up together, a lot of things, I don’t want to think about what can happen, I just hope it’s nothing comparable to the end of season 5, because that was devastating and I could not bear it again …

And you, what are your expectations?

One thing is sure, Rupert is going to do a sublime job again … as he has done all season, so the Emmy is on its way, isn’t it?

We are putting Rupert up for Emmy consideration as a lead actor, the first time we’ve done that since Damian’s left the show. I really believe his performance warrants that, and not just his performance, but the fact that he carried so much of the emotional baggage of the season and did it in a way that was electric. It was a bit of a revelation to all of us who watched him, largely because he was so transformed as a character. […] Rupert worked his way into the audience’s heart. We feathered in his character in more or less an incidental way at the beginning; I think we were able to catch people by surprise as he grew into his own over the time. So, by the time Season 6 started he became a real force on the show, and one that a lot of people tuned into because he was on the show and that reason only.

Alex Gansa on Rupert Friend for Deadline


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