#QUINNteresting news: #EmmyForRupert

Since there has been some interesting news these days related to Rupert and Homeland, we have decided to make a post to talk about them. If you follow us through social media (Facebook, Twitter), sure you know all this, since we share always the news live … in any case, If you still don’t follow us, do it now!!

The first and most important news was published yesterday. Showtime, will pitch Homeland’s Rupert Friend as drama lead for this year Emmy Awards, instead of supporting. That is the best news we could hear. And the most fair decision on the part of Showtime, from my point of view. Rupert’s work this season, as we’ve been saying every week, is being outstanding, and both the audience and the critics agree with that, so it looks like the stars line up for Rupert to get that nomination.

“It’s ultimately up to the showrunners,” says Showtime programming president Gary Levine, noting that they now reassess where submissions belong each year. “But we have our opinions about where we like to put people.” (x)

I’m sure their opinion is similar to ours 🙂 As you know, Rupert was nominated in 2013 for his Homeland work in the guest race… After these years, Rupert has made his character, Peter Quinn, become one of the essential of this show. The guy that kill bad guys, and that, every week, leaves us breathless.

Related to this news, two others …

  • On Monday, April 3rd Rupert will attend the Emmy FYC: Homeland panel. (x)
    The executive producers and stars of Homeland invite Television Academy National Active members and a guest to a special screening, panel discussion and cocktail reception and conversation with: Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin, Rupert Friend, Elizabeth Marvel, Alex Gansa (showrunner/executive producer) and Lesli Linka Glatter (executive producer/director).
  • On Wednesday, April 5th we will see Rupert in “The Late Late Show with James Corden”. Tickets are already sold out to attend live. (x)

We will be very attentive to all of Rupert’s appearances in the coming weeks and will post all the photos, videos and everything we find. Also, we’re in the final stretch of the Homeland season 6, with just two more episodes ahead, so … stay tuned!


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