Tying up loose ends… and memories

I’m a bit lost about what to say this week, it was all something too confusing for me. Not about the facts in themselves, but about how they happened.
Quinn suddenly having a deja-vu about where he was driving, Quinn remembering a waitress with whom we don’t really know (neither him) what relationship he had, Quinn remembering a house, a staging ground that it is curiously related to the events that are happening… Why didn’t he remember that before? Is it just because of the trauma caused by the sarin gas, or is there something else? At what point in his life did that memory take place? In what way can it be related to the current plot?

Why was the encounter between Quinn and Carrie so indifferent? Why does she seem to reproach him all the time for what he is doing, even though she knows that everything he suspected is true? Too many questions!!

It is curious to see how even though the truth is falling on the main characters and the end is coming, everything seems a bit blurry right now. I guess it’s normal … everything has to seem crazy before it makes sense, but still, it’s weird. Too many loose ends, and only two episodes ahead.

In any case, I enjoyed watching Rupert’s performance one more week. I wonder if Quinn had time to take his medicine when he fled the cabin. Obviously he took the money, but he seems more physically affected now than some episodes ago, especially in speech, which leads me to think that maybe he is not taking his medicines, or maybe it is the stress that is causing the increase of his motor limitations. Rupert is doing that job in a very real and fantastic way. And in spite of everything, he is still holding a gun in the purest (and hottest, and all) #Quinning way…

And better not talk about him wearing a hat … a pure delight … 🙂

Homeland 6.10 “The Flag House”
Original air date: March, 26th 2017. Showtime TV
Promo trailer clicking here
Rupert’s screencaps from this episode clicking here

And next Sunday…


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