Quinn rising from the ashes

Well, this was what we were expecting a while ago, well, I was expecting it, I guess you, too. An episode mostly focused on Quinn, an episode where to dig a little inside his now disturbed head … Astrid seemed the perfect person to show us another side of Quinn… But damn!, she didn’t deserve that ending. Quinn didn’t deserve it either. One more guilt to bear for him… And the burden is already unbearable. One more week, Rupert gave us some minutes filled with drama, feelings, interpretive quality, and passion … He transmits passion in all his scenes, he loves his work, and it is obvious that he enjoys doing what he is doing. And made us enjoy with all these sides of the same Quinn that showed us in last Suday’s episode.

His softer side … After a sincere conversation with Astrid, a shy smile is Quinn’s best ally…

His spy side… I have to admit it’s my favorite side of him … And tremendously sexy 🙂 !!

His dumbass side … Well, anyone can have a bad day, right?

We have to say in favor of Quinn that this conspiracy in which he is immersed is bigger than anyone can imagine, some stress is justifiable… #PoorQuinn!!

His repentant side … The previous moment was worth it just for the pleasure of enjoying this conversation between Astrid and Quinn … Quinn’s most sincere moments this season took our breath away … And all the feelings that emerged in that conversation …

Astrid: Your are different than you were, You have to accept that.
Quinn: You know I keep hoping I’m not, but I know I am.

His human, mortal side… Quinn is strong, he has survived more things than we can imagine, but in the end, Quinn is human, a traumatized man who suffers, suffers as much or more than anyone. And the death of Astrid will certainly be a turning point in his life, in his current situation … The expression we see on Quinn’s face, show us all the pain he has endured these months. Anyone else would have surrendered at this point. But not Quinn … Because he still has one more side to show us …

His #QUINNing side… Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Quinn emerges from the waters ready to take his revenge … Carrie needs him, Franny needs him, and now he knows there’s no turning back … Because Astrid’s death can’t be for nothing …. He’s ready.

So… #EmmyForRupert NOW!!!

Homeland 6.08 “Alt. Truth”
Original air date: March, 12th 2017. Showtime TV
Promo trailer clicking here
Sneak peek with Quinn clicking here
Rupert’s screencaps from this episode clicking here

And next Sunday…


2 thoughts on “Quinn rising from the ashes

  1. One of the best photos ever of Rupert/Quinn is laying in front of the fireplace, but you choose to show it in black & white. What are you thinking??!! You omitted entirely the glow of the fire off his face!!


    • Well, that was my choice, I personally love the black and white photos and I think this choice was good considering the scene in question and the way it stands out on his face. I’m sorry you do not like it, but I love it


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