Accepting the “situation”

I am completely stupefied after Sunday’s episode. When you think that Quinn’s life could not have been worse so far … Dar Adal leaves us all completely bewildered after his revelation. Seriously, is there any master plan for Quinn to end up triumphant after going through all this trash? Because I just don’t understand why… On the plus side, once again, Rupert offered us a realistic, dramatic and heartbreaking interpretation… outstanding.

With some lines that went through our heart …

Painfully sad…

But without a doubt, the scene between Dar and Quinn was the icing on the cake. It was brutal interpretatively speaking, and even more brutal the way it devastated our feelings. I’m going to take some lines from a New York Times article … Please, read the whole article since it’s a great one!

“What the hell is this? Feeling sorry for yourself?”
Expletive by way of a greeting.
“Because if you are, that would be a first. You grew up in a hard school. No time for self-pity. It’s the first thing about you that impressed.”
“Not the first thing.”
“Yeah, well. We’re all beautiful when we’re young, aren’t we?”
“[Expletive] dirty old man.”
“Fair enough. For the record, though, I never forced myself on anyone.”

I did not see this coming. That Dar Adal was behind the Sekou bombing, the sequestration of the president-elect, the surveillance of Carrie’s house, the presence of rock-throwing demonstrators, the setup of Saul as a would-be dupe of the Israelis, the betrayal and torture of Majid Javadi, sure. That’s not personal; it’s just business.
But his history with Quinn?
“We found him when he was 16. Foster home in Baltimore. The group was looking for a street kid. Someone real, but also pretty enough to turn the head of a Hong Kong paymaster. He was a natural from the start,” Dar told Carrie, by Quinn’s bedside, at the end of Season 5.
How many of you are going to have trouble sleeping tonight?
“You’re my guy, Peter,” were the words that Quinn threw back in Dar’s face in the moments before he nearly choked him to death, early in Season 4. It was at the time when Quinn wanted out of the C.I.A. He’d beaten up a couple of bullies in a diner, and Dar had paid him a house call, checking in on his mental health, while reminding him of the “retraining” visited upon team-quitters of questionable sanity who appear unable to keep their mouths shut.
“I always felt there was something pulling me back to darkness. That I wasn’t allowed a real life or a real love. That was for normal people,” Quinn wrote Carrie in what he thought would be his final goodbye letter.
It all feels different now, doesn’t it?

Damn, it really does!! Different at all… We thought (I did) we knew the darkness Quinn was referring to, his work, his missions, his remorse … but, his past is even darker than all that … How does a man face that life without collapsing at some point? Quinn is a broken toy that doesn’t have an easy fix. But despite all that, his feelings remain pure, and his only concern is to help Carrie, to take care of Franny, even at the risk of losing himself definitively in the attemp.

But Dar Adal has other plans for him. Precisely, Dar’s mission at that pier was to prevent Quinn from continuing trying to help Carrie … He played dirty to get his purpose. Yes, he offered Quinn the truth about what happened in Germany after the sarin gas attack, the way Carrie put his life in danger, and Quinn deserved to know that… but Dar did it dishonestly. He was not the right person to talk about it, it was Carrie who should do it. And to use that information to achieve his objective, without worrying about how it could devastate Quinn … That wasn’t right, Dar … nothing is right with you man!!

By the way … if it was time to tell the truth, why Dar didn’t tell Quinn that he gave Carrie The Letter? I am anxiously waiting for Quinn’s reaction to this revelation. How will you confront this with Carrie? Will Carrie talk to him about The Letter?


P. S.

A couple of days ago I made a question on the Facebook page. Making this weekly post is a challenge for me, a linguistic challenge, a challenge in finding some free time to do it … The original spirit of this weekly post, the “QUINNsday” is to create some interaction with the readers of the blog, to get the opinion of Rupert fans, not so much about the episodes (as I said in the first of these posts there are great reviews out there with lots of comments and opinions), but about Rupert’s performance and his role in the show… Well, although these posts are having a lot of visits, there is no interaction whatsoever. My fault, for sure, I’m doing something wrong … So, I ask myself, I ask you, if it’s really worth continuing to do this weekly post, and if you think there is something that could improve the interaction between US… In the end, the purpose of this blog is to share the passion for Rupert, and I hope we can do it together…

Thanks in advance for your opinion… It will be really appreciated.

Homeland 6.07 “Imminent Risk”
Original air date: March, 5th 2017. Showtime TV
Promo trailer clicking here
Sneak peek with Quinn clicking here
Rupert’s screencaps from this episode clicking here

And next Sunday…


6 thoughts on “Accepting the “situation”

  1. I hope they’re not fucking quinn like they did with brody, to the point that their only “way out” is actually their death. Looks like they’ve been trying to take Ruppert since last season. I can not understand the reason

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