For your consideration: Rupert Friend as Quinn 2.0

Who needs and Emmy FYC Event to promote his work this season??? You can be sure not Rupert!! He is proving every week that he’s a strong candidate to win all the damn awards for his Quinn 2.0 performance. Two scenes (he didn’t even have to speak in one of them) were enough this week to show us, once again, that, this season’s Quinn is one of the hard-worked, best-studied, and most reliably performed characters in the recent years of TV. And I’m not talking like a crazy fan. I watch a lot of television, I’ve watched many series with great and unforgettable characters. But only a few of them captured my attention and feelings the way Rupert is doing with Quinn.

The reality covered in paranoia, the trauma, the despair, the depression. The effects of an event that would have destroyed anyone else, but not Quinn, at least not to a point of no return. The staging is masterful, everything seems to happen naturally. Everything looks so real that even hurts. Forget the plot … just enjoy …

… For your consideration

We’re in the middle of the season, we only had a few minutes of Rupert on screen in this episode… and this is what I got this week… Well, I just thought it was a good moment to say what I’ve said… In any case, please, give him more minutes so I can keep my mouth closed!! 🙂

Homeland 6.06 “The Return”
Original air date: February, 26th 2017. Showtime TV
Promo trailer clicking here
Sneak peek with Quinn clicking here
Rupert’s screencaps from this episode clicking here

And next Sunday… A new Masterclass!!


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