Second round* in hell for Peter Quinn

* Second round this season I mean… because I lost count of other seasons …

There are episodes, especially if we talk about Homeland, that can break your heart in many ways. They can do it in a tender way, in a painful way, you can die of love, you can suffer for your favorite character … But when all that comes together and you get an episode like last Sunday’s one, your heart, your head, everything on you remains in a semi catatonic state, surprised, overwhelmed, and above all, waiting for more. I also had that feeling after the episode 5.12. Luckily, this time we just have to wait a few days to find out what’s going to happen to Quinn from now on.

What is clear is that the road is increasingly difficult for him. His eagerness to protect Franny, the need for someone to believe in his suspicions, makes Quinn someone quite desperate in this episode. And Rupert, once again, made an outstanding performance. You just have to look at his face in the different scenes. Sad, disheartened, tender, agressive … he changes from one condition to another in just the twinkling of an eye. Rupert’s work with his character this season is being absolutely impeccable, not only showing the physical effects of the sarin attack and everything else, but mainly, showing in a superb way how his head is working at every single second. It is simply wonderful to sit in front of the screen and enjoy every moment that he gives us.

This episode made me feel immensely sad, because of all the feelings and because it seems that with everything that happened, Quinn lost everything he had (at least for this episode): Franny’s confidence, and Carrie’s too.

But in spite of that, Carrie knew well what to do. She showed that she knows Quinn perfectly, that she knew what was going on inside even though she did not understand the reason … Quinn was only protecting Franny. Carrie asked him to take care of her, and that’s what he was doing. But everything is more confusing than it seems … especially for Quinn. Only if Carrie had believed Quinn’s words from the beginning …
But it’s obvious that the word “easy” is not in Quinn’s dictionary. And that makes him an even more incredible man. Because even though it’s not going to be easy -it’s going to be damn hard-, even though he seems to be lost again in hell, I’m sure he’ll find the way back again. Because he knows the danger stalks Carrie, and for him, there is only one objective now: to protect her.

He still has to sort the pieces in his head, as we see in the promo next week, things are going to get even worse (if that’s possible) for him, but I’m sure that Quinn, in the end, will find his way, and, with Carrie, will save the day!

Homeland 6.05 “Casus Belli”
Original air date: February, 19th 2017. Showtime TV
Promo trailer clicking here
Sneak peek with Quinn clicking here
Rupert’s screencaps from this episode clicking here

And next Sunday…


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