The “QUINNspiracy” bursts out!!

Quinn continues evolving this season (and looks finally clean yayyy!!!). Still with physical limitations (aside from the obvious, we have again verified that his vision problems are still there), Quinn has set out to discover what is happening across the street. It will not be easy, but despite that, he seems determined. His gun, his phone and a hairpin is all what he needs to start investigating. All a spy 🙂 In spite of everything, he can still drive and take photos at once. Damn, that’s more than I can do with my two arms!! (but I guess i’m not a spy 😦 )

But there is a problem, he looks a bit paranoid (again, masterfully played by Rupert). He is not convincing. Carrie doesn’t trust too much what Quinn has to say.

“A flash of light”, a title that, btw, reminds me too much at the season 5 finale, begins to give true form to the plot of this season, and most importantly, places Quinn in an unexpected way in the main focus of that plot. He, without even knowing it, has just placed himself in front of the bomb (never better said) that is about to explode, and I speak metaphorically, because I believe that everything that is about to happen from now on will still be more explosive than the event of this episode. And Quinn, with his gun, his phone (…and a hairpin), is going to be a part of it. Now he just need to start tying up the loose ends. And a bit confidence from Carrie. I’m sure both things will happen sooner rather than later … meanwhile, we just have to wait … And honestly, at this point, I was totally shocked at what happened in the episode, I didn’t think the plot was going to take this way… hmmm…. really interesting!!


Special mention for the “snack break” between Franny and Quinn. The show decided to delete the scene from the last episode in which they finally met so it seemed a little weird that they were suddenly friends … but it was lovely, short but lovely, and next week we are going to have more of this … ok, probably it will be more dramatic, but still lovely!!

Homeland 6.04 “A flash of light”
Original air date: February, 12th 2017. Showtime TV
Promo trailer clicking here
Rupert’s screencaps from this episode clicking here

And next Sunday…


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