Quinn taking a walk through hell

Did you think the premiere had been very emotional? Well, I guess you find yourself right now on a roller coaster of emotions after watching the episode 2, and thinking something like: Oh my God, I’m not going to survive this season!! But don’t worry, if Quinn survived to the season 5, you can get out of this.

[…] This week’s performance continued to build Quinn’s new, damaged psyche. Friend isn’t chewing up scenery or stretching to create bigger moments on his own: he’s trusting the writing to guide him through, and the results are more affecting because they feel so grounded. His physical alterations — to his gait and vocal patterns, especially — exemplify a performance that’s precise rather than manic; a distinguishing factor when an actor can go big with his character, and instead hones in on the little changes that make a monumental difference. (x)

Once again, Quinn’s scenes were filled with rage, impotence, and feelings, a lot of feelings …

The feeling of wanting to be alone, full of anger.

The feeling of seeing how everything is falling apart, how you are not the same as before, how you are not able to continue.

The feeling of not knowing how you got to this point, this hell.

The feeling of knowing the truth, of facing your biggest monster…


Quinn still wants to stay there. In his personal hell. But maybe that final scene with Carrie, after seeing that fateful minute that changed his life, is the trigger that he needs to start finding himself again. That, and some understanding. The appearance of Max in this episode was really revealing. It was splendid to see how he understood Quinn’s feelings from the first moment. The way he empathizes with Quinn. Quinn exposes him, without any doubt, how he feels, something he doesn’t seem to have been able to do with anyone else, not even Carrie. He’s “a fucking mutant”… but it seems that Max still see the Quinn we all know, it’s just that “he’s not happy”… Was he ever?

I could not help but feel shocked at the end of the episode, despite the pain of seeing the gas chamber scene again. But the pain in the room where Quinn and Carrie shared those moments was even bigger. And the way he doesn’t react … Carrie’s reaction, the guilt, the regrets and a lot of mixed feelings… Wow it was an heartbreaking scene, Rupert and Carrie showed us the great actors they are. And well, in the scene at the grocery, Rupert was pretty amazing performing the moment of the seizure, I was not even able to make a gif about that… It looked so real that I felt his agony. Rupert is shining this season, and this is just the beginning!!

Well … the road continues, and it seems that Quinn, little by little, is going to find the path back home …
And the support he needs in Carrie …

Homeland 6.02 “The man in the basement”
Original air date: January, 22th, 2017. Showtime TV
Promo trailer clicking here
Rupert’s screencaps from this episode clicking here

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