Rupert Friend screencaps from Homeland 6.01

You can’t imagine how much I was looking forward to this moment! Our first post on this blog, just over a year ago, was dedicated to the screencaps of the Season 5 finale. That was a devastating time for all fans of our beloved Peter Quinn, but now, with the new season, we are anxious to see how Quinn faces his new life, and how Rupert surprises us by showing us the Quinn 2.0. Although I was lucky enough to watch the season 6 premiere some days ago, I waited until the official premiere to publish them … So, now, finally … you can access to gallery the screencaps from this episode by clicking on this link or on the image below. More than 200 screencaps of Rupert/Quinn awaits for you!!

Homeland 6.01 “Fair game” screencaps


And on wednesday, QUINNsday!! We will do a little review on Quinn’s return to our lives, stay tuned!


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