Time to celebrate! Happy “Christmasversary” to us!!!

Woww!! It’s been a year!! I’m a Rupert Friend Fan celebrates its first anniversary, and it seems like it was yesterday when we started this blog in the most bittersweet way possible… with the end of Homeland’s fifth season. I perfectly remember that I thought, oh my God, this cannot be a good omen … But here we are, one year later, waiting for a new Homeland season that, oh yes!!, still includes Quinn, and very happy to spread the love for Rupert through this blog.

177 blog posts. During this year we have updated our blog with tons of interviews with Rupert from 2006 to the present, We have reviewed, one by one, all his works, in cinema, tv and theater. We have talked about his old and new projects, and, of course, we have been patiently waiting  all year for Quinn’s return, discovering little by little all the news related to the show and our favorite character.

rupert aimee emmys

We have also posted all the photos of the events that Rupert has attended. The photo gallery has almost 13.000 photos of Rupert, and this year have been 16 events in which we have been able to enjoy Rupert. But the screencaps are the “jewel” of our gallery, the section with more visits.

rupert friend as prince albert

Almost 60,000 visits in the blog. Well I’m not an expert on this, but considering that it has been our first year of life and that during this year the show hasn’t even been aired, I consider that those are a lot of visits. So thank you. Thank you because you all are the only reason to make this works. You come to us through social networks, following the blog, or through search engines like “rupert friend fans” or “how many fans does rupert friend have”… Well, I don’t know if Google can answer that question, I’m sure I cannot do it, but I hope that every day we will be more and more 🙂

More curiosities… the most visited post?? You’re probably going to think it’s something about Homeland, right?, Well, no. At all. It seems that the favorite character played by Rupert, or at least, the most searched, is none other than…

Yes!!! The Lt. Kurt Kotler!! The post dedicated to his role in the film The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas was the most visited with almost 1000 visits, and also was one of the most repeated searches. Undoubtedly, although Rupert’s role was short in this film, it was one of the most intense, and also seems to be one of the best remembered by the fans.

The United States is the country whose fans most visit us (almost 17.000), followed by Germany (4000), Japan and United Kingdom (around 3500). Hello everyone!! From Spain, the place from where this blog is edited, thanks again for your visits!!

During this year, apart from the blog, we have diversified our presence in other social networks. I’m a Rupert Friend fan is on Instagram and Vimeo. Although not exclusively dedicated to Rupert, you can also find us on Twitter and Tumblr. And of course, I’m a Rupert Friend fan is also on Facebook, where we have a personal challenge: getting 1000 Likes to make a very special giveaway. So if you still don’t follow us there, do it right now!! … we post photos, news and all sorts of things related to Rupert on a daily basis, so I’m sure you’re going to feel very comfortable there! ;D

Our closest challenge is the Season Six of Homeland, which looks spectacular, and that we look forward after a looooong year of torture!! We will post here everything related to the character of Rupert, Peter Quinn, the screencaps of him from all the episodes, and I hope that, if free time allow us, some weekly surprise … Stay tuned!!

And our goal for the new year, to continue enjoying Rupert, the new season of Homeland, his new projects… And well, of course, it would be great to get a Hello!! from Rupert dedicated to the blog (well, at least a retweet LOL!), So… dear Santa, you already know what this fan wants… pleasssseeee!! I’ve been a good fangirl!!

 I wish you all …

I hope we all celebrate together a year filled with good things!


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