Tom Mison on Rupert Friend

While searching interviews I read these lines from Tom Mison, and I thought it would be nice to publish them …

Daily Dragon: One of the first things I saw you in was your short film Steve, with Keira Knightly and Colin Firth. That’s a very disturbing story. Can you talk a little bit about your character, Man, and what you think happened after the camera’s gone off and Steve’s had his monologue about you will do this, and you will do that, and we’ll have a lovely time?

Tom Mison: Everyone dies. I remembered Rupert [Friend] talking about that a lot. He read a book of short stories and—his friend, a really, really brilliant artist called Ed Atkins did some illustration for it—one of them just so took Rupert that he turned it into Steve. We’d made a short film together before then, we wrote—and Keira [was in it] called The Continuing and Lamentable Saga of the Suicide Brothers, which is available on iTunes, very reasonable price—and we were really, really into the medium of short films. That one seemed perfect for Rupert. He really wanted to explore manners. And I loved that it was aggressive good manners. That Steve was so adamant that this is what you do, these are the social rules that we have to follow. You invite me in, we have a cup of tea, I comment on how nice it is and on and on. And it’s just rules that neighbors might do if someone happens to pop ‘round but they’re just followed so violently stringently. (x)

Rupert and Tom in “The Continuing and Lamentable Saga of the Suicide Brothers” (2009)

1883 Magazine: How did the project [The Continuing and Lamentable Saga of the Suicide Brothers] come about?

Tom Mison: Me and Rupert were living together for a long while when we were both out of a job, and thought why don’t we try and write it. Then we gave it to these friends of ours, the Brownleigh brothers. And they were just perfect, and you’ll be hearing about them a lot soon. They’re brilliant storyboard artists, and gave us lederhosen…They made this Brothers Grimm style fairy tale. It was just us messing around with a lot of whiskey.

1883 Magazine: Oh that’s where the darkness comes in.

Tom Mison: (Laughing) Rupert and I were interested in old fairy tales, which are really dark, but also really funny ones. There was a play a while ago, where there’s like three little kittens who play with matches and they’re warned not to and then they set themselves on fire and perish – see, you just laughed at it! (x)

For more info about this short film and Rupert’s work on it, check this link.


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