Rupert Friend at “Letters to Andy Warhol” Exhibition Opening

Letters to Andy Warhol is multi-year patnership and new global traveling exhibition organized by Cadillac and The Andy Warhol MuseumThe collaborative project between the brand and the cultural institution celebrates Warhol’s legacy through imaginative, co-created content and experiences. The exhibition features rarely seen material from the museum’s archive, including artwork and Warhol’s personal correspondence, plus artistic contributions from several modern-day cultural creators. Together, the works explore recurring themes from the Warhol’s body of work such as the blurring of art and commerce and the trials of fame. The result is an examination of not only Warhol, the American icon, but also Warhol the multi-faceted, sensitive and ambitious artist who reached for inspiration across the colliding worlds of fashion, music, media, art and celebrity.
Letters to Andy Warhol focuses on five letters to or from Yves Saint Laurent, Mick Jagger, the Museum of Modern Art, the New York State Department of Public Works and a mutual friend of his and Truman Capote that offer a glimpse into Warhol’s most personal experiences and relationships. Each letter has also inspired artistic contributions and experiences from a roster of talent including Aimee Mullins, Brian Atwood, Chiara Clemente, Derek Blasberg, David LaChapelle, Francesco Clemente, J.J. Martin, Nick Rhodes, Sean Lennon, Sienna Miller and Zac Posen.
The exhibition also includes five artworks across varying mediums and techniques, and from different periods of Warhol’s career, that all share Cadillac as the subject.


The event was held last night, November, 14th in New York.

Rupert and Aimee also attended on last night the “ELLE & Kering dinner to celebrate Women In Art” at Le CouCou (NYC). Busy night for the couple 🙂

All the photos are uploaded to the gallery. The credits to all of them are showed on the photos.


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