Rupert Friend on the set of Homeland [October, 25th]

Once again we have to thank Leblanc1 for the photos and the info from the set. And also, thanks to frangipaniflowe for the heads up on the new photos.

You can find a lot of spoilers and more pohotos from the filming by checking Leblanc1’s publication on Tumblr … just a sneak peek… Rupert with a ton of make up on. Lots of bruises and red marks, being abducted later… Rupert playing with Franny… I guess the roller coaster of emotions continues in the season 6 of Homeland, right??


It’s great to enjoy these images and spoilers…. But I still have a small complaint (yep, I’m pretty complainer hehe). They are filming right now the episodes 6.05 and 6.06, and Quinn still wears the same clothes… Please, whoever is responsible, make that change soon!!… or…. just forget the clothes! 😀


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