#QUINNteresting news from the PaleyFest 2016

As you all know, Rupert didn’t attend this event, held last night in New York, but we can still be happy since we got some information about Quinn.

We have to thank @WTHomelands for being fans’ eyes and ears in this event and to get really interesting information about what happened there. You can check WTH’s account on Tumblr for more information about what was discussed there. I’m just posting what was directly related to Quinn.

Moderator:  “When I was watching it in real time and we suddenly learned about Quinn’s backstory, my concern was that you were telling us who he really is so that we can properly mourn him; I felt we were actually forecasting his death”
Gansa (laughing): “A total fake-out”

Moderator: “I recognize this question. I just want you to know, whoever you are who wrote this question, Twitter works, and so I’m definitely going to ask this question. Claire, Carrie felt guilty for not taking care of Quinn last season, how will she redeem herself for that this season?”
Claire: “By annoying the crap out of him. So she’s in New York largely because Quinn is receiving therapy here, on multiple levels [*audience applause*]”
Moderator to audience: “I was with you guys. True story, somebody tweeted Lesli ‘Is Rupert going to be at Paley?’ and Lesli answered ’no, Rupert is filming tomorrow night’ and I was like “Oh my God, did John Snow just rise from the dead?’ So yes, he’s alive!” (*more applause*)
Mandy: “We understand, we are here to tell the Peter Quinn story”
Claire: “The hearthrobbiest of them all… Yeah, I don’t know how much I should betray,”
Gansa interrupting (turning beet red): “Not a lot” (*laughter*).
Claire: “Um, and then she hops on her unicorn and flies to Zimbabwe”

Meanwhile, on the set of Homeland…

. Rupert on the set. October 6th. Credit photo: @eyecandylv via WTHomeland’s Tumblr.

There was a reason why Rupert didn’t attend last night’s event: he was filming. After spending several weeks out of work because of his injury, i’m sure he’s now very busy back on the set. Hope he’s fully recovered now and ready for action! and i’m praying for a clip or new info released soon that gives us more clues about  Quinn’s plot for the new season of Homeland.


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