An injured Rupert Friend attends Showtime’s Emmy Eve Party

Last night was held the pre-Emmy party of Showtime. One of the attendees, of course, was Rupert, accompanied by the beautiful Aimee. But ohh!! surprise! His right foot looked injured and he walked on crutches 😦 Deadline published details about the injury:

‎Homeland fan favorite Rupert Friend sustained an injury during production of the first and second episodes of the upcoming sixth season of Homeland in New York City, which are directed by Keith Gordon. Friend, who walked on crutches while attending Showtime’s pre-Emmy party on Saturday, told Deadline that he broke a bone in his right ankle while he was off work, though the injury stems from two on-set instances while filming seasons 4 and 5 of Homeland when he rolled his ankle, weakening the ligaments. With Friend temporary sidelined for the most part, the filming schedule was reshuffled, with executive producer Lesli Linka Glatter, who is directing episodes 3 and 4, stepping in to shoot scenes from these episodes that could be filmed around Friend’s injury.
Everyone has been very accommodating,” Friend told Deadline. He hopes that the soft cast will come off in a couple of weeks, at which time he would be able to resume filming in full-force.
And the fact that a Friend ankle injury has so significantly impacted production on Homeland is further proof that his character Peter Quinn, last seen lying motionless in a hospital bed in the Season 5 finale, is no longer in a coma and back in action.
The injury has pushed production of Homelandback a little but there will be no issue making the January 15, 2017 premiere date, executive producer/showrunner Alex Gansa told Deadline.


Photo: Deadline

After the initial shock at the news, it’s good to know that the production of the show has been adapted to this setback and will not cause any inconvenience to Rupert and his role in Homeland. But above all, I’m relieved that It doesn’t seem too serious and his recovery will be quick.

Other than that, last night event left a few lovely images of Rupert and Aimee. So … time to enjoy.

***My fangirl side can not help but feel happy for his hairstyle!!***

As usual, the photos are uploaded to the gallery. Stay tuned for new updates because tonight’s the night of the Emmys and we impatiently wait Rupert’s appearance.


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