Quinn’s memories: Homeland Season 5

When I watched this

And this…

I never, repeat, never, imagined that the season 5 of Homeland would end this way.


Memories of this season: difficult to say they were good. His speech talking about Syria, his interpretation after the shooting, and also with the whole issue of the sarin gas… Rupert was simply extraordinary in all those scenes. But my summary for the season 5 of Homeland is pain, pain and more pain. I mean, I love whump, I really love it, but this was too much. I never saw a character suffer as much as Quinn did. I didn’t even care about the rest of the season, the plot. I just hoped every week that Quinn had a break, but every week was worse and worse… Until the end, the damn cliffhanger… the cliffhanger that has made us suffer (we are still suffering) thinking about the fate of Quinn: dead, brain damage… Despite the initial shock, I always felt that Quinn would not die, but thinking about the consequences of the sarin gas attack worries me. What Quinn are we going to see in season 6? It seems obvious that he will not be the same again, but, is that good? I want to see Quinn #Quinning!! At the same time I feel that interpretatively, the season 6 could mean a big challenge for Rupert, and that excites me… Unfortunately, we still have to wait until January to find that out. But we already have some spoilers and pictures on set that can help us in this waiting. Keep updated with the latest news checking our section #Quinning – HL news in the Home of the site.

Rupert appeared in all the episodes of Homeland season 5. The screencaps of this season are available via this link.

And finally, one of my favorite fan videos, because despite all the hardness of the season, still someone was able to create something as beautiful as this. Now, all ready for what’s coming in Season 6.



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