New Photos of Rupert Friend on the set of Homeland [August. 22th]

Yayyy!! New photos of Rupert!!! Taken today on the Homeland set (NYC). Same clothes than the last week so they are probably still filming the first episode of the season 6.
He still looks scruffy, and if you look closely, there seems to be a wound on his forehead. A consequence of what happened in season 5? I think so, but… who knows!

📸 Rupert Friend on the set of ‘Homeland‘ [August 22, 2016]. Credit photos: PopSugar, Zimbio and SenseMisapplied on Twitter (she was very lucky and met Rupert on the set today, check her account for more info).

I’m really eager to give some sense to these images on the set. We know that the filming started in a hospital (there’s even a post on Instagram of what looks like a hospital room) and then we have Rupert’s appearance… It seems that Quinn will start the season trying to overcome / face a very hard time.


And if you are in NY, take a look at this article, Homeland is now casting Wall Street types in New York City. Good luck!!


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