Quinn’s memories: Homeland Season 3

Quinn’s internal struggle. I think starting in season 3 and until now, Rupert’s character has faced episode after episode to his own internal struggle. Season 3 was just the beginning, when he murders a child, and begins to rethink his life and his profession. He was alone in his fight. Carrie had her own problems. And that just seemed to make things worse for him.

I think that the assassination of that child meant to Quinn a turning point in his life that led us directly to the end of season 5 (yes, the most painful season ever written for a television character). Despite, or thanks to all this, we had great #QUINNing moments this season, although I must admit that it was not one of my favorites. All those moments are captured in the screencaps from this season posted in the gallery. You can check them all clicking here.



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