Homeland / Quinn news from the TCA 2016

We finally have a date!! The season 6 of Homeland will start on January, 15th, and as you all know, it will be located in New York. Showtime confirmed the date during the TCA Summer Tour 2016, held today. They also confirmed the renewal of the show for two more seasons (7 and 8). S6 production starts next week in NYC. The panel was attended by Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin and Alex Gansa (Homeland’s executive producer).

Showtime also confirmed the plot of the new season, and we finally breathe relieved to know that “Rupert Friend is listed on Showtime’s release as a star of Homeland Season 6“… It is not a surprise, but it is always good to have an official confirmation. 🙂

“After she thwarted a terrorist attack in Berlin, season 6 picks up several months later and finds Carrie Mathison (Danes) back on American soil, living in Brooklyn, New York. She has begun working at a foundation whose efforts are to provide aid to Muslims living in the U.S. Season six will tackle the after effects of the U.S. presidential election, with the entire season taking place between election day and the inauguration. It’s a strange, transitional time in the halls of government filled with anxiety and different competing interests, where a very fragile and complex transfer of power takes place between the outgoing president and the incoming president-elect.”

During the Homeland panel, we got the most important information of the day through EP Alex Gansa: “Quinn is alive. I can say that much. He suffered a major stroke last season. You’re going to see a very changed and altered Quinn. He will represent a profound and familiar casualty of the war on terror for our audience“. And It seems that this will affect his relationship with Carrie: “That’s the role he’s going to play this season, and what he endured last year is different than what he’s going to go through this year. It’ll be a completely different animal, and this year will also be infused with the tension of his daily relationship with Claire’s character.”

***Hmmm changed and altered… I just can’t wait to see what that means and what implies for Rupert’s character.***

And for who are waiting for this to happen…”Why aren’t Quinn and Carrie together romantically?”, Gansa answered the question: “One thing Carrie hoped for a normal life and a relationship with a civilian” (***If that somehow answers to the question on what Carrie and Quinn concerns… because… Is not Quinn a civilian now? So, i’m still confused about this***). “She’s here to save the world, beyond her bipolarity“, added Claire Danes. She said about her character that “she was overwhelmed with sense of loss. She tried to cultivate happiness in her life. It doesn’t work. Carrie is a rogue spirit. She’s a really good spy. It’ll manifest itself differently this time around


About the plot of the show, Gansa said that this season will deal with the repercussions of our response to the 9/11 attacks. He said about the elected female President that “She’s a little Hillary, a little Trump, a little Bernie“. Gansa also confirmed that Carrie is still not in the CIA. About the end of the show, already renewed for two more seasons, Alex Gansa said that there’s no end game planned but he’d love to take the show back to Israel for the final season.

Thank you so much to all the journalists who reported on the panel of Homeland on Twitter. Check the #TCA16 hashtag for more info.



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