Quinn’s memories: Homeland Season 2

Now that the transcripts of the old interviews are finished, I want to look back to remember the work of Rupert in Homeland. Starting with the season 2 of course. “New car smell” (2.04) was the first episode where we saw Rupert, playing Peter Quinn, a CIA analyst who comes to the show for a brief role, and that, three seasons later, continues surprising us. Quinn had a clear objective in the second season: Brody. But we soon discovered that he was more than what appearances showed, not just the guy who kills bad guys.

Remember when Quinn almost assassinated Brody?

Rupert appeared in 9 episodes during season 2. We had time to see his best side as a spy, his skills as an interrogator, his anger, his charms … and even his ass!! **oopss** His arrival at the show could not be better. An image per episode, a sample of the wildest Quinn.

So, you can guess my favorite part of Homeland’s season 2 was the introduction of Rupert’s character, what about yours?? Don’t forget that the screencaps of Rupert from season 2 of Homeland are available in the gallery. Click here to access.



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