Stryka’s short film with Rupert Friend and Aimee Mullins

This is like a Christmas gift!! I was eager to watch this short film and finally we all have the chance to do it!! Stryka, written and directed by Emily Carmichael, it’s something very special. In this work we can see Aimee (yes, totally unrecognizable) and Rupert working together, and although we are talking about a short film of barely 10 minutes, is truly fantastic.

In case you missed the review I posted some weeks ago about Stryka, Aimee’s character is an awesome reptile woman from another planet who does heists and odd jobs with her (literal) partner in crime, Callen. But she has a secret–she’s been stealing with somebody else. (She just wants a partner who cleans up well enough to pull off a fancy jewel heist once and a while–is that so wrong?) Anxious about her career in thievery and torn by her loyalty to competing thieves, Stryka has to figure out where she belongs. Luckily, she has a highly advanced robot therapist to talk it over with.

You can check the original post via this link, and also an interesting article about the short-film and her creator. I will be eternally grateful to Clare Ruxton, she discovered and shared with us this link on RFF Facebook page. So…. it’s time to enjoy the ride!!

I made some screencaps of Rupert, they are available, as usual, in the gallery, via this link.

I bet he is, Aimee 😉




2 thoughts on “Stryka’s short film with Rupert Friend and Aimee Mullins

  1. wow!. it’s is a pity that it’s too short because it begins to be more and more interesting when it’s ending!. Aimee is totally transformed into the character and the voice and language is crazy fantastic. Callen is a very positive and smiling character and I guess Rupert enjoyed to work with his wife in this short film….a tiny diamond but what it matters is its sparkle

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    • I’m not sure why, but I saw a bit of Quinn in Callen, but yes, much more optimistic and happy LOL. And that accent, my God!! The final sentence of Stryka/Aimee about Callen/Rupert was perfect!! This one, This is my person… Awwwww!!!


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