Rupert Friend, Zachary Quinto and Hannah Ware Play “Never Have I Ever”

Originally posted by buzzfeed. Interview by Kristin Harris and Sydney Scott. August 20th, 2015

Rupert Friend stars as the elite assassin Agent 47 alongside Zachary Quinto and Hannah Ware in the new video game–based film Hitman: Agent 47. The three stars stopped by BuzzFeed NY to play a round of “Never Have I Ever,” in which we found out about Zachary Quinto’s semi-regrettable tattoo and Rupert Friend’s woes about being mistaken for Orlando Bloom. Here’s what happened.

Never have I ever flown a drone.
Rupert Friend: I want to!

Never have I ever dreamed of being a secret agent or spy.

Never have I ever driven a car over 100 mph.
RF: [Guilty]

Never have I ever jumped out of a plane.
ZQ: Nooo. You have, [Rupert]?!
RF: Yeah!
HW: You’re so the type of person who would’ve.
ZQ: I would, but I just haven’t.
RF: Let’s do it together!
ZQ: I would do it! We should’ve done that tonight. We should’ve parachuted onto the red carpet.
RF: That would’ve been great.
There’s still time.
ZQ: Yeah, we can organize that right quick.

Never have I ever talked my way out of a speeding ticket.

Never have I ever stayed up all night playing video games.

Never have I ever used a code name or an alias.
ZQ: Yeah, all the time.
RF: Yeah, if you’re Zach Quinto you have to.
ZQ: Yeah.
RF: My code name is Zach Quinto. It doesn’t work if we’re all staying in the same hotel.
HW: I love your code name [Zach]. I won’t tell anyone. It will be very secret agent of me.

Never have I ever been mistaken for a doppelgänger.
RF: I had someone chase me through Bangkok airport insisting that I was Orlando Bloom.
ZQ: Ohh, wow. That’s really funny.
RF: When I said that I wasn’t, they were like, “We knowww! We know.”
ZQ: That’s really funny.
RF: And they were like, You have to sign this thing. And I was like, OK, fine, and I just did it.
ZQ: I’ve had people have full-on conversations about having met me, and like dinner, and talking all about this stuff and my work in Inglourious Basterds, because they fully thought that I was Eli Roth.
HW: Oh my god.
RF: No way!
ZQ: Yeah. Eli and I get that a lot, I know Eli. We commiserate over our mistaken identities.

Never have I ever been excited about the potential of A.I. in the future.

Never have I ever become friends with an enemy.
RF: Ohh, that’s an interesting question.

Never have I ever had a drink thrown in my face, Real Housewives-style.

Never have I ever marathoned an entire Netflix show in one sitting.
RF: I nearly did Bloodline. A few sections.

Never have I ever told someone I cooked food when I really ordered takeout.
RF: I’m too proud of my cooking.
ZQ: Yeah, Rupert’s a foodie.

Never have I ever been to a boozy brunch.
Everyone: Yeah!
HW: Top it off!
RF: That’s the only way to go.

Never have I ever gotten a tattoo.

Never have I ever referred to myself in the third person.
RF: I’ve done it as a joke. But like straight up? No.

Never have I ever gone on a road trip.

Never have I ever gotten in a fight with someone at a bar.
RF: Again, Miss Ware. Absolutely, first and foremost.


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