Whosay’s Q&A—”Homeland” Star Rupert Friend

Posted by WhoSay Staff on Dec. 1st, 2013

From his biggest achievement to his favorite pub, we bring you Rupert Friend, “unfiltered.”
About a week ago, “Homeland” star Rupert Friend invited his fans to ask him questions, promising that he would answer the ten best “sometime before Christmas.” Christmas came early—take some time to get to know Rupert Friend.


Dear all,
Thank you so much for all your wonderful questions. I have combined questions where the answers allowed it, but thank you for making me think—let’s do it again soon!

Laura Weber, Giulia Toselli, and @mjrivera82: What have you decided to do with “Steve”?
Colin and I are very excited about taking Steve further. We both had such a good time playing with him, and on my part, I found Colin’s portrayal extremely moving. I am looking at some ideas but need to get Colin drunk to see where our interests coincide. The idea of spending a long time with a weird, eccentric obsessive is very appealing.
As is spending time with Steve.

@Roz Cole: What are you doing besides Homeland, and when will you let your lovely British accent loose?
Writing music with Kairos 4tet, thinking about a music video for Chris Garneau with director Daniel Stesson, prepping the feature I wrote in which Emily Blunt and I will act together and I will direct, and keeping a couple of cracking short films on the back burner for when I meet someone who wants to get started in film finance! P.S., my accent gets loose whenever it wants to! (But if it’s an English one you’re after, check out “Starred Up” and “Meet Me in Montenegro” next year…)

@buckygunts: What’s one thing you have not done that you’ve always wanted to do—what’s holding you back?
I really want to to do that flying thing where you wear a bat suit and have squirrel wings and zoom about the place. Only thing holding me back is the CIA—they’re pretty strict on not slamming into cliffs during office hours…

@AnaCARocha: Did your experience of childhood bullying ever influence your choice in a role, one way or another?
In doing a certain role over another, no. But in giving voice to the underdog, and to the part of all of us that tries to hide behind fear, definitely. I have the “fuck it, let’s do it” attitude from that. I also HATE bullies and don’t like bullying anywhere around me. It’s the only thing I’d stop filming to speak to a colleague about. Having the shit kicked out of you for a long time gives you a real get-up-and-go in the mornings!

Inm Ias-Sanchez: I just cannot imagine you that bothered by this social sites malarkey…is this account being ‘managed’ now by the Homeland PR team as a promotional tool? (Paranoid? Moi? You bet!! I follow Homeland for chrissakes!!)
No. This is me. I’ve never had a publicist, always hated being interviewed, and anyone who knows me never recognises me as me in the way I’m interviewed. Although I am late to Twitter, etc., I really love that it is me to you, unfiltered. Feels like you get me, without someone else’s opinion of me, and that is all anyone can really ask for…

@tj1307: If you could have one super power what would it be and what would your superhero name be?

I always liked the idea of shapeshifting. That may well have a lot to do with doing this job, and being given the opportunity to get inside different people. But if I was going to do it with a costume, it would be an amalgam of the wardrobes of Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant, and my name would be Flash Wondermint. And I would have EPIC hair. AND a hoverboard.

@Ijsvale: What has been your biggest achievement?
Professionally, I am most proud of Steve.
Personally, to learn to allow myself to love and be loved, and to trust my instincts.

@sarahmufc93, @maiacska: what advice would you give to a young actor? 
I’m going to paraphrase the great Daniel Day Lewis. Ask yourself WHY it is you want to be an actor. REALLY. The answer will guide and serve you whether it’s a “good” or “bad” time in your career. Without this you are going to be drifting without wind, compass or even destination, every time.

@sarahmufc93: What would you be if you were not a famous actor?
I love working with my hands. Something to do with wood. I’d likely train as a cabinet maker.

@BurnNoticeFan: What do you miss the most about England when you’re away?
There’s a pub I love. It has old flagstones for a floor and hundreds of pewter mugs hanging from the ceiling. The beers have names like “Santa’s Rosy Helper” and “Big Richard’s Knob Jockey Juice” (alright I made that one up). You can buy snuff and sit by the fire and basically be in Middle Earth. I’m going to take an amazing person there soon I hope. Oh, I also miss the fact that we Brits express our affection through mockery—the ruder we are, the more we like you.

@jussaramfranco: Is there anything that you would like to shout to the world for everyone to hear?
Follow your curiosity. Everywhere. It’s the best guide you’ve got. Oh, and don’t take people’s shit.

Eva Vidal: The most embarrassing moment on stage?
I had to simulate the rape of a girl with locked-in syndrome in Dennis Potter ‘s Brimstone and Treacle. The role involved direct audience address, which is hard enough without dropping your trousers and looking up straight into the eyes of your mother….


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