‘Hitman: Agent 47’ Cast Fangirls Over Bill Murray

Originally posted by Yahoo.com. July 10th, 2015

At this point, who doesn’t love Bill Murray? The unofficial King of Comic-Con has plenty of admirers at this year’s convention, including Hitman: Agent 47 stars Hannah Ware and Rupert Friend. When we asked the two performers which star is genetically engineered to be ideal Hollywood actor, they both had the same answer: Murray. “I think he’s the perfect actor,” said Friend, while Ware confessed that she wants the 64-year-old Rock the Kasbahstar to be her friend (you can watch the interview above).

The two also talked about their forthcoming Hitman film, the sequel to the 2007 original, which starred Timothy Olyphant. “I haven’t seen [the original], and I apologize to Tim,” said Friend. He added: “The [Hitman] world is incredibly rich, and it’s relying on intelligence and stealth — not just beating up the bad guys.” He also broke down the numbers between Hitman and James Bond. Watch above to check it out, and see Hitman: Agent 47 when it comes to theaters Aug 21, 2015.


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