Rupert Friend as Alessandro Felice: Virgin Territory

Only with hear his name in this film, my head was already filled with hot thoughts… but… what about everything that came next? that was the Hell of Hotness!!

This post will not work as the usual reviews of Rupert’s films. I just have to admit that I was only able to watch Rupert’s scenes, about 100 times by the way lol… Does that make a full movie, right? 🙂

So… My highlights… Enjoy the ride!

I have to say that his expression here was very similar to mine when I saw Rupert for first time in Virgin Territory… I can’t stop thinking about “Pirates of the Caribbean” while I see Rupert’s aesthetic in this film… my imagination is running wild, I can’t, I can’t!!

omg, OMG!!

One of the girls in the film perfectly defined Rupert/Alessando during one of the scenes…

“He’s handsome, he’s sexy”… I’m agree, 200% agree! Wherever you look.

And my panties are suffering for it.

Yes… there they go!!

I got to focus a little to get a some information about the film, although in this point, is there anyone who cares about it? Just in case…

Virgin Territory (2007)
Romantic comedy film based upon Giovanni Boccaccio’s Decameron. It has also been known under the working titles The Decameron, Angels and Virgins, Guilty Pleasures and Chasing Temptation. The film’s Italian title Decameron Pie pays tribute to both the title of the original source inspiration and to U.S. comedy film American Pie. The film was released in France on December 12, 2007 under the title Medieval Pie, and was released directly-to-DVD in the U.S. in August 2008. It was the last film produced by Dino De Laurentiis.
Cast: Hayden Christensen, Mischa Barton, Tim Roth, Ryan Cartwright, Rosalind Halstead, Kate Groombridge, Christopher Egan, Nigel Planer, Matthew Rhys, Rupert Friend, Silvia Colloca, Anna Galiena, Elisabetta Canalis, Craig Parkinson

Having Fun ladies? Well… sorry but that was all. I got nothing more related to Rupert’s work on Virgin Territory. You can find his screencaps from this film via this link, and with this… That’s all folks!! (Which I think is more than enough, lol, ok, not too deep, but more than enough!)


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