Rupert Friend as Sam: Lullaby for Pi

A singer consumed by grief discovers the power of divine intervention when a troubled woman barges into his hotel room, locks herself in the bathroom, and refuses to leave. Back in the day, when Sam (Rupert Friend) would take the stage at a local bar, the crowds would go wild. But when Sam’s wife Josephine died, his dreams turned to dust along with her. Now, Sam spends every night alone in the hotel room where he and Josephine first met. His only friend is George (Forest Whitaker) the doorman, who also happens to be Sam’s guardian angel. George isn’t prone to making mistakes, so when he hands Pi the keys to Sam’s room it’s no wonder the singer begins to experience a sudden reawakening. As soon as Pi appears in Sam’s room, however, she locks herself in the bathroom, and refuses to come out. Later, Sam convinces Pi to open up, and together the two lost souls forge a powerful bond. Together, they agree to meet on the opposite sides of the same door each night, and to bare their souls to one another until they day they fall in love. Only then will they open the door, and start living the rest of their lives together.

Lullaby for Pi (2010)
Cast: Rupert Friend, Clémence Poésy, Forest Whitaker, Matt Ward, Sarah Wayne Callies
Director/screenwriter: Benoit Philippon

Lullaby for Pi was a lot of fun. That was a film that I did this year with Forest Whitaker and Clémence Poésy. It’s about a musician, so I learned the piano, I’m playing awashed-up jazz musician. It’s about a man who’s mourning his wife in a hotel room, and one day a girl bursts into the hotel room and locks herself in his bathroom and won’t come out, and they conduct a relationship through the closed door—they never see each other. So it’s full of music, and he’s a kind of raconteur, so it has lots of rambling musical stories. It’s a very different piece from other things I’ve done.

Rupert Friend for cinemablend

Rupert’s screencaps from this movie are uploaded to the gallery. Click here to access (more than 1100 photos!!). I also uploaded some promotional photos/stills, you can check them all via this link.

I recently posted an edited video from the Making Of from Lullaby for Pi. The video contains the fragments relating to Rupert and is available in the blog via this link.

And more interesting links, you can listen and enjoy the beautiful soundtrack of Lullaby for Pi clicking here.

So, I have to admit that this not the kind of genre that I am passionate about. But certainly, it was a very nice experience. This film made me feel many feelings: sadness, loneliness, nostalgia, fear, joy.. All these feelings were part of the characters, they showed us their hearts and their thoughts. The bohemian look that Rupert gives to his character fascinated me and I loved the way he looked like one of those guys of the old movies that Sam watched every night, the hat, the jacket, his look… And the music, the music became the best conductor to move us around all the emotions that Lullaby for Pi is.



2 thoughts on “Rupert Friend as Sam: Lullaby for Pi

  1. I know the story is not very logic…who ran to get into a bathroom? but it totally hook you…..uhmmmm…I can’t continue in english, sorry, es una historia totalmente ilogica como logicos pueden ser los sentimientos, es una historia”simple” de duelo sin dejar de ser profunda e intensa y creo que eso se logra no solo con la musica y la ambientacion que te enganchan y te llevan imaginariamente al hotel y al bar sino que con los gestos, las voces, las miradas de todos en especial de Rupert….una peli para disfrutar ❤


    • Es un alivio comentar en español jejeje. Realmente la historia no hay que tomarla por el lado lógico, porque si no, tanto esta como otras muchas ficciones, no tendríamos por donde cogerlas. Lo que si es cierto es que esta película es un claro ejemplo de cómo las personas nos necesitamos unas a otras, como sólo una persona puede hacer que todo tu mundo cambie y deje de girar en el sentido que lo hacía… Y sí, las miradas de Rupert hacen mucho 😉


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