Lullaby for Pi: The making of

A gem. That’s what I thought the first time I saw this full video. This is a gem. An exceptional visual document. The best way to discover all that is behind a film production. Curious as hell as I am, I enjoyed the hour and a half of this making of, discovering the early stages of the film, the filming, and, in particular, seeing Rupert working. That is something priceless. It’s an unique document that I hope you enjoy as much as I have done.
This video is 100% Rupert, an edition of the original video that you can find through this link. The journey begins in early March and ends on April 29, 2009, the day that the filming of Lullaby for Pi ended.

As I said before, a gem…



2 thoughts on “Lullaby for Pi: The making of

  1. wether coincidence is magic or not, Rupert did magic indeed because you never imagine that this dude with “boy next door” look wearing T shirt and sueters and messy hair could be so extraordinary talented and professional. I’m impressed that he learnt to play the piano and participated to create the music besides his sweet and deep vocal register……you nailed it, this is a gem, a gem for history of a great actor/director/writer/compouser…..the new DaVinci of our age!.
    ……I swear I would have to repeat all the scenes a lot if I would be an actress and work with Rupert, specially the kissing scene 😛 (sorry, can’t help it)


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