Rupert Friend as Sandy Mardell: Outlaw

[Where did the story come from in the first place?] It came from Rupert Friend’s story in the film, which I’d read as a very small article in the paper a couple of years back. It was basically about this university student who had been the victim of a totally unprovoked attack. He was beaten and slashed. The kids who beat him up were teenagers and they were sent to borstal. But they had such short sentences that they’d come out before the student had finished having reconstructive facial surgery in hospital. I remember reading it and thinking that there’s something fundamentally wrong in the justice of that. Then I started thinking about it as a film, and as a character, how would that boy feel if he read that. Would you just go “oh well, I believe in God and I’m going to let it pass”? Or would you want to exact revenge on that? What would you do if a crime was perpetrated against you or someone you love? How far would you go? Would you be able to take the law into your own hands and allow rationality to slip out of your hands? Or would you trust the police?

Nick Love interview for

This film shows us the most transformed Rupert I’ve seen so far. His face betrays some scars that, despite being obvious, are not as deep as his internal scars. In each look of Rupert’s character, we can see how he’s keeping an internal struggle with his feelings.

rupert friend_outlaw

Outlaw (2007)
A group of people who feel betrayed by their government and let down by their police force form a modern-day outlaw posse in order to right what they see as the wrongs of society.
Written and Directed by Nick Love.
Cast: Sean Bean, Danny Dyer, Rupert Friend, Sean Harris, Lennie James, Bob Hoskins

The film begins by exploring stories involving a number of different characters who live in and around London, all of whom have experiences which lead them to believe that justice in the country is not being handed out fairly. These characters include nice guy white-collar worker Gene Dekker (Danny Dyer), who is brutally beaten by yobs without any reason on the way to his wedding. Danny Bryant (Sean Bean) is a paratrooperwho has seen action in the Falklands, Afghanistan and Iraq and who arrives back from abroad to find his wife with someone else, and also believes that the state of the country is worse than the war-torn places he has recently served in. Crown Court prosecution barrister Cedric Munroe (Lennie James) receives death threats towards his pregnant wife, being told they will only be safe if he pulls out of the case against club owner and heroin dealer Terry Manning (Rob Fry), a boss of the criminal underworld, who Munroe is currently prosecuting. Cambridge University student Sandy Mardell (Rupert Friend) and son of Bryant’s former commanding officer has only recently left hospital, though the thugs who scarred him for life in an unprovoked physical attack were released from prison before he had made his recovery.

I made some screencaps of Rupert from this fim. Since I didn’t get a decent quality copy of the film, the screencaps are a bit mehh, but better than nothing 🙂 The gallery of the screencaps are available via this link. And I also added some promotional photos of Rupert and the cast of Outlaw. Check them out via this link.

I tried to find some more information about Rupert’s work in this film or some interview, but without success so far. I’ll keep looking, because although his role in Outlaw is not very extensive, I found really interesting the story behind his character, his feelings and how this influences the decisions of Sandy Mardell. He really didn’t need words to tell us his story, his looks and gestures were more than enough in this film to make us feel what he felt.




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