‘Homeland’ Season 5 Villain Praises Rupert Friend’s Peter Quinn, ‘Really Nice Guy’

This is not an interview with Rupert, but since the central theme of it is him, I thought it was a good idea to share some pieces here. René Ifrah, who played Homeland season 5’s villain, Bibi, praised Rupert and his work in an exclusive interview with Desing&Trend. You can read the full interview here, and also participate in a poll about Peter Quinn’s future.

“Homeland” fans have been well acquainted with Quinn’s commanding persona since his season 2 debut. Ironically, the same wasn’t true for Ifrah.

“Things happened so quickly after being cast. I barely had time to pack and had not seen the show since he joined. Hence, I had not seen him in action before,” the actor admitted. “After our first day of shooting together, I immediately ran back to the hotel and made a point of catching up on all the episodes, thinking ‘who the hell is this guy?'”

Apparently, Ifrah was just as spellbound by Quinn as “Homeland’s” viewers have been for the past few years. “He was amazing to watch,” he beamed. “I became increasingly more excited for the next day we’d have to work together.”

Yet, while Quinn is often viewed as the cold mastermind behind some of the Showtime series’ darkest missions, Friend himself is quite the opposite of his forcibly detached character.

“He is not only an incredibly intelligent and disciplined actor but a really, and I mean really, nice guy,” Ifrah said of Quinn. The actor qualified that the same goes for every cast member that he had the “pleasure” of working with.

Having expressed captivation by Friend’s talent, the discussion then shifted to the horrible things that Bibi was forced to do to his character. Without spoiling too much, season 5’s highlights featured sarin gas and other means of immeasurable torture. When pressed about what it was like to take on such a terrifying role, Ifrah reiterated that he had no idea how far it would go. “Even if I had known, I would’ve totally [done it]. Are you kidding? What a juicy thing to be able to do,” he quipped.

Peter Quinn listened to the offer that Bibi was about to propose in the episode 5.07 of Homeland.

Peter Quinn listened to the offer that Bibi was about to propose in the episode 5.07 of Homeland.


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