This is what I call “a turn of events”

A Monday like any other, boring, about to go to bed … but not before making a final look of the social networks as usual, and suddenly… this, a beautiful “turn of events”


Photographer: Danielle Levitt Stylist: Lester Garcia

I can say unequivocally that this is something very close to what heaven must be… And I’m there right now…

Thank you, THANK YOU so much to daniellelevitt on Tumblr / Twitter for this great gift. She photographed Rupert for Hunger Magazine, one of the most amazing photoshoots of him I’ve seen.

And now this… and what she said!!

Happy Monday! Here is an outtake from my shoot with Rupert Friend for #HungerMag . One of the most sweetest guys I have ever met!

Well, now I’m leaving all the place filled of my fangirl drool… 🙂

Definitely, Happy Monday!!


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