Rupert’s directorial debut: “Steve”

Steve began as a short story I wrote for my friends to keep in the bathroom.  Reading it lasted the right amount of time for the things that happen in there… […] Steve is a story about a man who came to tea.

Written and directed by Rupert Friend, Steve is the story of a young couple that begin to receive daily visits from their downstairs neighbor, Steve. Steve draws attention to various practical problems and is eager to have tea, but what is really on his mind?

Released on October  21th, 2010 (UK). Starred by Colin Firth, Keira Knightley and Tom Mison, the film was screened at the 2010 BFI London Film Festival. Accepted into 15 international film festivals throughout 2011, Steve was also selected to be a part of the short film anthology Stars in Shorts distributed by the cable channel ShortsTV. Rupert Friend was also honored with a Crystal Image Award for his work on ‘Steve’ at Rhode Island International Film Festival.

Steve himself was a challenge that only an actor as gifted as Colin could have pulled off.  He needed to have the jovial familiarity of a harmless eccentric and yet be able to spin that on a sixpence when things start to go wrong.  Colin was fearless in his exploration of this, and we worked hard together on imagining a life for Steve prior to the film’s timespan.  Some people have said that they wished the couple had given him some tea, and taken the chance to make a new friend, others are convinced that Steve kills and eats them at the end.  This ambiguity is something I’ve always loved when reading or watching stories.

Rupert’s interview for

In this interview, Rupert discusses the genesis of his directorial debut. It was originally published by BFI


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