New update of Quinn’s possible status for Homeland season 6

The Hollywood Reporter talked to Howard Gordon (Homeland’s co-creator and excecutive producer) about what’s in store for Rupert Friend’s character next season… and looks good!!

The complete interview here.

I will say that Quinn, who is extraordinary … has a good chance of coming back. The way we’re thinking about bringing him back — if he does come back — is really exciting to me personally. We really put him (Quinn) through the ringer (during season 5). Especially when you’re talking about a young man who is so physically vibrant.

So with each passing day it seems there is more room for hope… After what David Nevins and Gary Levine said at the TCA16 panel on last wednesday and this… I can not help but feel totally optimistic!!


Now I cannot stop thinking about what could be the consequences for Quinn, physical, psychological, both?…  I have fan-gasms just thinking about the interpretive material with which he could work. An excellent opportunity to shine!!

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