Gallery Update: Rupert’s screencaps from Homeland season 4

Badass, tormented, sweet… An all in one season for Quinn!!. Surely season 4 of Homeland is the one I most enjoyed making the screencaps, especially considering what comes after this -season 5 screencaps **pain pain**-. You can access at the gallery of delights, I mean, screencaps, from Homeland season 4 by clicking the image below.


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4 thoughts on “Gallery Update: Rupert’s screencaps from Homeland season 4

  1. I totally agree that season 4 is the best for many reason but specially because finally Quinn gets some protagonism in the development of the story. I loved him being so cold rational enough to stop Carrie’s irrational impulsiveness when she gave the order to bomb despite Saul’s life and it was Quinn who took charge, canceled her order out and the way he shakes her up to make her notice what was she doing and at the same time we see his weakness for her…at the end Quinn does whatever it takes to protect Carrie. He struggled his feelings while everybody else notices he cares about Carrie until he realize it and accept it. …’s bittersweet because Carrie is not so in that the same level that him but I like the profile of the character and Rupert’s performance

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    • Totally agree, and I hope season 6 continues on the same way. While season 5 was a total shame regarding to Quinn, I still have hopes that season 6 return us the Quinn of season 4, well slightly damaged I guess, but, after all, before the sarin gas and all that drama, he was already a broken toy.


      • yeah!…..I do have hopes too but it worries me a little thinking that putting Quinn in bed it’s because writters notice he became the main character for the audience over than Carrie and it’s a way to giving her back more protagonism….BUT I’m so sure Rupert will rock that neurological damage into a fantastic performance and how his internal and psicological demons join his psycomotor impairment.


      • Oh don’t worry about that, I’m preetty sure the audience still consider Carrie the main character, my impression is that they thought Rupert’s character did not have much space in season 5, and now, after what happened, maybe Quinn will back stronger than before, or maybe he will stay even more relegated, we still have to wait a few months to find that out.


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