Gallery Update: Rupert’s screencaps from Homeland season 2

The photo gallery has been updated with Rupert’s screencaps from Homeland season 2. You can click on the pic to access.


Click on the pic to access at the gallery

I’m trying to update the gallery as soon as possible, but there’s a lot to add, a lot to screencaping, and we are almost in Christmas so, hope you have a little patience. The full photo gallery, clicking here.

I also take this post to let you know that I will be gradually adding the interviews of Rupert throughout his career, probably i’m not going to find them all, but I will try to collect the maximum possible. You can check them by clicking here.

I’ve started the section “Projects” where you will find all the personal projects of Rupert. And I’ll add soon a “Media” section in the blog, where you will find all kinds of media information related to Rupert.

As you can see, I have a lot to do, so stay tuned! 🙂

BTW… Merry Christmas to all!!


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