Rupert’s work with Kairos 4Tet’s band

I was asked by this British band called Kairos 4Tet to write lyrics for them. And I wrote lyrics for them. The album is called Everything We Hold and you can hear my lyrics. It was a great example of someone believing in you and you saying no and them insisting and you say, “Okay, I’ll try,” and then realizing you love it. They loved what I did. So I’m a big fan of the idea that if you have the smallest inkling that somebody has a talent for something, don’t give up until you get them to do it. Oct. 2, 2014

Released on 2013, the album Everything we hold is a delight, an experience that you must live, and I say that as the great music lover I am. Kairos 4tet are a British jazz band whose leader, the saxophonist and composer Adam Waldmann is a childhood friend of Rupert.

“Rupert put lyrics to a piece of music of mine called ‘Maybe Next Year’ on our last album and it worked so organically that I knew I needed to explore the collaboration more.” Waldmann says. “Rupert and I met at sixth form and quickly realised we were kindred spirits. We’ve been very close since that point and lived together for some time as students in London, both trying to hone our crafts in different disciplines. We have always tried to support each other in our creative and personal pursuits.”

Sept 7 2013 2

This is the Album Documentary posted by the band on their Youtube page. Includes an interview with Rupert.

Besides composing the lyircs, Rupert directed the video of ‘Song For The Open Road’.

Does anyone else waiting for more of this? I do!!


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